Public Places and Personal Care: Safety and Support

Its a bustling time of year when Florida welcomes back part-time residents and vacationers alike. This influx in combination with a season of festivities have roadways, shopping plazas, department stores and grocery stores especially filled with people. Shopping for holiday necessities, participating in local events, visiting various venues, and traveling to destinations around the state […]

Memory Loss: Quality Services and Trusted Support from Aqua Home Care

More than six million Americans ages sixty-five and over are living with Alzheimer’s, a progressive disease and form of dementia that affects behavior, thinking and memory. Though Alzheimer’s ranks high on the list of causes for memory loss, not all cases are due to Alzheimer’s. The risk for cognitive decline increases with age, and other […]

Due South: Care Services Upon Your Return to Florida

Though the winter months are still on the horizon, many are already thinking about and planning for their annual arrival to warmer weather. Escaping the cold is a common reason for spending winters in The Sunshine State. Frigid temperatures, icy roads and frequent snowfalls aren’t for everyone, and many travel between their homes up north […]

Identifying and Intercepting Scams: Awareness and Guidance with Aqua Home Care

Scammers attempt to steal personal information and money over the phone and through other devices at a growing rate. As phones are often kept within short reach, the tendency to grasp for these devices when a call comes through is almost immediate. Perhaps the phone rings and the voice on the other end claims to […]

Together “Fur-ever”: In-Home Care and Pet Owners

Its a stance pet owners often adamantly proclaim: pets are family. It isn’t difficult to understand why as the joy a pet brings into a home can be both seen and felt in the laughter brought on by their silliness, the calm of their presence and the warmth of their unconditional love. Pets who are […]

Compatible and Comfortable: Thoughtful Caregiver Referrals

Finding a personal caregiver requires much thought, and understandably the process may feel a bit overwhelming. With consideration to personal care needs, scheduling, compatibility and more, you want to be sure that you or your loved one is in the care of a trusted, reliable, compassionate source of support. Fortunately with Aqua Home Care, the […]

Where Care is Needed: Bedside Support in Facility Settings

Sometimes, a hospital or a rehabilitation center truly is the best option when it comes to requiring specific treatment. While duration of stay varies from person to person, the uneasy feeling of being in an unfamiliar place is quite commonly shared. In these circumstances, you may find that you or your loved one must be […]

Life Changes: Living Alone and Needing Care

Over the years, life changes bring many different people in and, often with great sadness, out of our lives. The impact from the loss of a loved one is especially hard, as emotions that follow are tender and layered. Individuals grieve the loss of their companion, confidant, best friend, source of support and love, partner […]

Here to Help with 24/7 Reachability from Aqua Home Care

When it comes to reachability, our Aqua Home Care team is always here to answer your call. Like you, we understand the great comfort that comes with knowing someone will be there when you need them most, and we are accessible 24/7 with guidance and support. Being able to call upon a trusted source whenever […]

Summer Sun: Signs of Heatstroke and Steps to Take for Heatstroke Prevention

While The Sunshine State is known for warmer weather year round, the rising temperatures this time of year means taking additional safety measures to avoid heat-related risks. As we enter the months associated with a higher heat index, it is important to take the steps necessary to avoid harm. Overheating can occur at any time, […]