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Aqua Home Care is a trusted in-home care referral company serving residents of the Treasure Coast and beyond. During our years of dedicated service, we have been able to help individuals in need of daily living assistance receive the quality support they deserve right in the comfort of their own home. When care is needed, whether for certain hours of the day or full-time, our team steps in to find skilled and experienced caregivers who provide services with professionalism and compassion.

For a variety of reasons, tending to one’s own needs may require a helping hand. Some routines or activities may be more easily completed independently than others. Should additional assistance become necessary for any portion of the day or night, we at Aqua Home Care are here to help with our reputable registry of caregivers who have experience caring for those with a wide range of abilities and disabilities. In-home care recipients with special needs range in age from children to adults, and we refer highly-trained caregivers who are available to provide care from by the hour to around the clock. Our registry includes thoroughly vetted caregivers who have fulfilled requirements and completed training necessary for effectively serving their clients. 

Aqua Home Care also specializes in tailoring care plans. Through listening, observing and assessing needs within a person’s own home, our personal case managers are able to develop personalized plans designed specifically for each individual. Along with a tailored care plan, personal case managers will also make caregiver matches based on needs and personality. Each caregiver and client relationship is hand-selected to ensure a positive in-home care experience. Caregivers are with their clients consistently to avoid having a rotation of caregivers, as seen in some facilities. We believe consistency is important to maintain the comfort level for all receiving in-home care. Caregivers we refer are able to professionally, competently and compassionately assist with:

  • Personal care
  • Supervision
  • Guidance
  • Medication reminders
  • Heavy housecleaning
  • Meal preparation and feeding
  • Transportation 
  • Accompanying to stores and around town
  • Mobility around the house or outdoors
  • And much more

Reliability, consistency, quality, professionalism and compassion. Aqua Home Care is proud to offer our in-home care referral services to promote overall well-being and support quality of life. If you or a loved one requires personal care, we are here to help. With experience, qualifications, dedication and sensitivity, our Aqua Home Care team refers in-home caregivers able to meet a wide range of needs, including caring for those with special needs. For quality service, compassionate care and personalized plans, call Aqua Home Care today. 

Recent Testimonials
Mark Schorr
Fort Lauderdale

Aqua Home Care focuses on communcation, an example being call-offs, they call me to let me know and communicate who will be covering the shift.

Sue Gabriane
Fort Lauderdale

These people are top notch in all categories. I most definitely highly recommend Aqua Home Care.

Jeffrey Thau
Fort Lauderdale

Aqua home care took a personal interest in my mother’s welfare and the support team is very helpful especially when I have additional administrative requests.

Jeff Bertman
Fort Lauderdale

Aqua Home Services (AHS) is the Disney World of Caregiver service firms. Aqua showcases a Gold Medal performance in every aspect. Keep it up!

Marisol Casiano
Fort Lauderdale

Aqua Home Care is a very reliable home care company, I highly recommend Aqua Home Care

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